Monday, May 13, 2019


Our updated workshop, Canada Labour Code II: What Managers & Supervisors Need To Know, offers a more engaging approach to OSH training for managers and supervisors.  Below are details in response to some frequently asked questions.

Why should I take a course on Canada Labour Code II (CLCII)?

 Federal legislation make it mandatory for federally-regulated* employees to protect the health and safety of their employees.  Managers and supervisors, working on behalf of their employer, share this duty.  Participation in an instruction session will help managers, supervisors, and others understand their legal obligations.  Furthermore, CLCII requires that employers instruct their managers and supervisors on occupational safety and health matters.

Why should I take the “Canada Labour Code II: What Managers & Supervisors Need To Know” course?

This engaging workshop will educate and challenge your thinking about occupational safety and health (OSH).  You’ll participate in interesting discussions, group activities, and case law studies in this interactive workshop-style session.  Emphasis is on learning key CLCII obligations of those who direct the work of employees, as well as what’s required to thoroughly exercise due diligence for health and safety.  Your instructor, Chris Jodouin, has over 25 years of experience in various health and safety roles and more than 10 years’ experience leading CLCII workshops for managers, supervisors, and health & safety committees.

What will I take away from this course?

 This course has been designed to enable you to:

  1. Explain key requirements of CLCII and understand the underlying principles upon which this legislation is based.
  2. Understand how to fulfill your legal duties required by OSH legislation.
  3. Describe "due diligence" as used in the context of occupational health & safety.
  4. Exercise due diligence when directing work.
  5. Determine other OSH training required by you and your staff.
  6. Be an active contributor to your organization's safety culture.

You will leave with a participant workbook containing the day’s learning material and resources to access back at work.

*Employers subject to CLCII include these sectors:

Aboriginal/Air Transport/Banking/Bridges and Tunnels/Broadcasting/Communications/Federal Crown Corporations/Public Service Dept.’s/Feed, Flower & Seed Mills/Grain Elevations/Long shoring/Energy and Mining/Pipelines/Postal Contractors/Rail Transport/Interprovincial Road Transport/Water Transport

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